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Apple first tried to do the same in 2006 and failed much in vain. But this time they are just enough ready for the second go and this time it may prove to be a success after all.

"This time, things have changed. The real draw is the pool of engineers specialized in retail and e-commerce," a well wisher from apple was spotted saying.

The rumors are pointing at a possible location in our very own Bangalore, which is famous all over the world for being the tech capitol of India (or at least that’s what we call it). Anyway, with an over like this apple could very well be moving from the familiar strategy of keeping all their tech related decisions limited to it’s staff in the United States. Cupertino might just be spreading out after all.

This can all be a rumor anyway, you never know with apple.

Apple globalizing their tech operations is good news any day. India got it’s own huge share of apple fans, who will be very happy to see apple stores pop up here and there like in those developed nations. Anyway, apple had recently invested some billions in Europe for some operations to set up their own data centers in the area. This could well be the card that is pointing at a company that is very urgent for a globalized retail operation from their own stores.

Apple hardly has any apple stores in our country anymore; most of them had been closed many years ago. Apple bringing their own business in to the centre of tech capitol of India will benefit them in assuring their customers about their newly formed root in the country.

If such a company-owned technology development centre happens, it’s always a big step forward for the company in our country.

According to the latest report from the IDC, one of the famous market research firms, 96.3 percent of all cellphones shipped worldwide consisted only of Android and iOS in 2014. This can be considered as a major achievement

Statically, this year Apple’s mobile ruled 14.8 percent of market, slightly less than its last year performance which was 15.1 percent in 2013. On the contrary to apple, Google’s mobile with Android claimed 81.5 percent, increased from 78.7 percent in 2013.

Samsung’s growth also fell down during last year; they’ve made a better rating in the sales of their products though. The other major vendors of Samsung are Xiaomi, Huawei, Lenovo and ZTE. Among the list, Xiaomi has officially announced that they sold 61.12 million Smartphones last year, whereas Huawei leads with 75 million sales.

"Many of the same drivers were in play for Android and iOS to tighten their grip on the market," said Ramon Llamas, Research Manager with IDC's Mobile Phone team. "A combination of strong end-user demand, refreshed product portfolios, and the availability of low-cost devices – particularly for Android – drove volumes higher."

Rest of the operating system like Microsoft’s Window phone, blackberry etc, fought to make their places. While Windows phone had an increase though small, Blackberry again faced downward as its growth declined 69.8 percent this year in market.

Apple Inc. has started selling the SIM-free (unlocked) based models of their most recently released iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus handsets on the US online stores this Tuesday. However, the prices of the mutated versions of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus would remain as same as that of already launched models of similar specifications.

The actual price given by the company for 16GB model of iPhone 6 is $649 and for the 64GB and 128 GB models would cost $749 and $849 respectively. The unlocked version of iPhone 6 launches with the specified model number “A1586”.

iPhone 6 Plus

Whereas the price for iPhone 6 Plus 16GB model is $749 and the 64GB, 128GB models cost $849 and $949 respectively. The unlocked version of iPhone 6 Plus launches with the model number “A1524”.

“The unlocked version of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus consists of all the features of that of the locked iPhone version, although it lacks a wireless contract commitment or a carrier instalment plan. The unlocked iPhone can be activated and used on the supported wireless network of customer’s choice, such as AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, or Sprint in the United States,” World’s best quality oriented gadget manufacturer says.

The SIM-free models of the new iPhones launched at a time when there are rumors spreading all around that the California-based technology developers could bring back the 4-inch version of iPhone in 2015 and it’ll be calling as “IPhone 6S mini”

Nevertheless, the news updated from the other sources here on Monday say that the company had no plans in the manufacturing of the smaller 4-inch Smartphone this year. Another report says that the company has not given any take on 4-inch iPhone model and its manufacturing.

Apple announced officially on Monday that their newly introduced model will give benefits to the financial results of the company’s first fiscal quarter on Jan 27th.

There have been speculations about the apple watch over a year, and apple finally unveiled its entry into wearable technology in September 2014. It was shown off on 9th September during the launching apple's iPhone 6. A dial on the side of watch that is much like the one found on traditional watches, which is called as the Digital Crown by Apple. This Digital Crown contains sensors that turn movement into data, enabling to scroll, focus in-out and navigate using the Digital Crown. The buzz surrounding apple smartwatches has reached the peak by the senior VP of retail, Angela Ahrendts revealing that apple smartwatches are set for launch during the spring after Chinese New Year.

Developments within the apple stores also indicate that the smartwatches will be available in markets by the mid of March of this year. Training sessions are being organised for the store employees from February 9-16, 2015 onwards to make them fully aware of the functioning of these smartwatches. Selected candidates from all stores would be extensively trained at apple's headquarters. This would help the customers to fully grasp the operations in the new product. It will also enable the product to be more users friendly and helps the customers in using the full potential available with the new product.

If the rumours from technical sections of apple’s store are right, the product is undergoing extensive testing in apple's well protected labs. The Cupertino-based tech giant has run the smartwatch through various battery tests as well as improved its inductive charging methods.

New reports from French Apple site igen.fr have suggested that the apple’s watch Edition, which is made with real gold, would cost up to $5000, The base model is said to be priced at $349 .There are other models also available for around $500 which are made from stainless steel and sapphire crystal .

Analyst’s apple watch sales estimates for 2015 which will be within the range from 10 million up to 60 million. With high excitement surrounding the product, analysts believe that it would be certainly meeting their estimates. From a giant figure which has surprised the planet with unparallel technology based products, crazy users of the most prominent brand are curiously waiting for a next wonder.