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Affiliate programs brings in huge for many internet marketers and you will be probably wondering which on to choose among the huge list of Affiliate programs out there. In this article we will be looking on to Amazon Affiliates and EBay affiliates. By the end of this article you will have an idea on which affiliate program to choose or maybe you will run both the affiliates. Why not?

Running both the affiliates together is an option but it is always good to focus on one affiliate at a time rather than running multiple ones at a time. If you have a very active blog or any platform with thousands of views a day nothing is stopping you.

When we compare Amazon and EBay, both being authority stores with huge reputation built during the past 10+ years. It would be a bad idea to come to quick conclusions. We will check on to the advantages and disadvantages of both the programs and come to a conclusion.

Pros and Cons of Amazon Affiliates


Huge list of products: Amazon is listed with huge list of products with over 30 categories. Amazon is well equipped with everything anyone want. Starting with a brush to TV. Cloths, Consoles, Movies, books whatever it maybe. Amazon has it all. Amazon also sells products of almost all leading brands like Microsoft, Apple and Razor. Amazon also sells certain unique products in it sites too. So being an affiliate with Amazon will give you a lot of opportunities to choose from a variety of products and thereby increase sales commissions. Amazon is also well known for their quality products and availability of new products too.

Easy to Join: joining the Amazon Affiliates is easy, your affiliate account will be running regardless of the traffic or quality of the content and hence getting approval is not a huge task. You don’t even have to own a domain to apply for. You can use a Google’s blogger or a free WordPress account to start with.

Better Discounts: Amazon has the best discounts and offers in the entire E-Stores out there in the internet. Having better price to offer is a great advantage of Amazon affiliates.

A certain Affiliate commission plan: Amazon is having a fixed affiliate commission rate chart and thus you will have an estimate on the amount you are about to get. Read more on Amazon commissions. There are some products where the commissions are fixed. You will be paid $25 for certain tech products like Laptops regardless of the cost let it be $500 or $2000.

Paramount, you can use tools like ProURLs to better enhance your earnings.


Low Commissions: Amazon affiliate commissions are very low in the beginning and rises up. i.e from 4% to 8%. Refer the following table for commission rates.


You will only be able to earn more with more products you sell.

Longer Payment period: Amazon has a billing cycle and it pays out only when you are on the billing cycle. The cycle is usually in 2 months. In short your payments will be in 2 months interval. Those who resides outside US it may take more than 2 months when you get the check in hand including the slow delivery and check clearing days.

That’s all with Amazon. EBay in the other hand.

Pros and Cons of EBay affiliate program


Many Products to choose from: Just like Amazon there are many products to choose from in EBay including used and brand new products. More flexibility and products to choose from.

Seasonal Discounts: EBay offers variety of discounts and are probably more frequent than Amazon. The discounts are limited to the brand new products alone.

Faster Payments: Unlike Amazon EBay affiliate commissions are paid off fast. There is no billing cycle for Amazon.


Approval is not that easy like Amazon: Getting your site or blog is not that easy and chances are that subdomain blogs are rejected easily. You must have a site with lots of traffic and traffic alone won’t do you any good. EBay partnership network requires you to have quality traffic and mostly organic ones.

Unpredicted Earnings: EBay Partnership has an Earnings Per Click (EPC) system that shows fluctuating revenue results as EBay looks for the quality traffic site bring to EBay. If you are planning to earn big, start working on increasing quality of the traffic.

EBay is not for everyone. Choose your affiliate program wisely.

If you have all the skill to convince people through an article Amazon is the best affiliate program, EBay will yield more if you have large quality traffic flowing into your site.