American Sniper shatters box office records

American Sniper has outgunned ‘Gran Torino’ to become Clint Eastwood’s biggest opening weekend success and has also raked in the biggest opening weekend collections for January. Now it’s just a matter of time for it to be the greatest ever success for Clint Eastwood. He is still a force to reckon with, even at this ripe age of 84. American Sniper has collected a whopping $90.2 million in just three days. Kevin Hart’s ‘The Wedding Ringer’ took the second spot at the box office, collecting $20 million for the three day weekend. Also, Kevin Hart’s 2014 comedy flick ‘Ride Along’ held the previous record for the biggest opening weekend collections for January. This is big achievement so far. And more records are likely to get shattered in the coming days, especially as the four day Martin Luther King weekend is up next.

American Sniper is a strong contender for the Oscar race with six nominations, including that of the best film and a best actor nomination for Bradley Cooper. Bradley really has a great chance to win it this time. Also he is now only the tenth member of the league of actors to have got nominated for the acting category, for three consecutive years. And this is a huge recognition already, for he has miles and miles to go in his bright looking career.

‘Paddington’ finished at the third spot with $19 million. Liam Neeson’s ‘Taken 3’, which topped the box office last week, fell fourth collecting just $14 million. And with $8 million, ‘Selma’ is at the fifth spot.  And things haven’t turned that good for ‘Blackhat’. This Chris Hemsworth starrer managed to collect just $4 million for the weekend. That’s pathetically low for a $70 million production!

American Sniper is a biographical war film about ‘Chris Kyle’, the most famous and lethal sniper in the history of U.S military. And there’s nothing much more important than patriotism for the Americans. So this film is going to be so close to their hearts. Clint’s expertise has helped give this film a very different outlook. And a compelling performance from Bradley Cooper is a bonus. But it’s unfortunate that Clint got snubbed at the Oscar nominations. He totally deserved it.

American Sniper’s success has a great significance, because this is the kind of box office that we often read along with superhero films or big budget science fictions. But this film, lauding their war hero is growing like anything on the public. They love it. They feel so emotionally attached to the film. Everything indicates to an eye popping life time box office achievement. And another feather to Clint’s magnificent hat.  Lets wait and see how things turn up in the coming days.

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