Sony Just might go back to its root and release a Walkman Version of Z4

There are many rumors going on about the upcoming flagship of Sony. We had seen many leaked images online that looked strikingly genuine (but we never know). There are rumors going on that the xperia z4 might be unveiled in a month or 2 (and some report suggests that phone is going to be unveiled in weeks), and there are possible reports pointing at a strong possibility for multiple version (or editions) of the xperia z4 to be released.

We are all eagerly waiting for the flagship, no matter all the hype. We got the most genuine look at the handset when a promotional shot of the upcoming James bond movie got leaked. The reports strongly point at multiple versions, so a walkman version is not at all unlikely. Sony had done it in the past, also it’s time they merged their dying walkman line (or its supposed technology) into its smart phones.

The proposed phone is rumored to feature top notch music quality, both via internal speakers and external output. The phone may feature many changes in the inside, with the units that produce sound upgraded to top notch – which you may not find in the original version of Z4 (Which is to be released). If such a thing as that happens, audiophiles all over the world can rejoice.

Smartphones had never been the best tools to listen to audio, people in need of quality audio on the move had always carried expensive media players with them – which cause unnecessary bulk. If such a thing as the merging of the walkman and xperia line happens, it just might be more successful (or not as flop as) than the collaboration between htc and beats audio. The phone is rumored to arrive this year at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this March.

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