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Kerala Technical University


The commencement of the Kerala technical university is an improved plan of the state government to increase the level of the engineering professional course with a proper planning and formulations. They mainly focus on remodelling the entire systems of evaluation, exam patterns and more.More often,the results are not properly being published on time by the universities and many students are very uncomfortable with this fact, so with some experts in the fields came up with the suggestion of improving the standard of the professional B.Tech courses to a new level.Under the supervision of the state's Governor P. Sathasivam, it is been decided to regulate and ensure a improvement in conducting exam and publishing results within a time framed schedule.The governor also added that if there is any delay in following the systems in time there will be a immediate intervention if necessary.

There are several other innovative ideas given by faculty to improve the depth of knowledge attained by the student.The suggestion of shifting from descriptive and explanatory type of questions to multiple type of questions is also been raised up during the discussion.The P.S. Sreejith, former Director of the Institute of Human Resource Development (IHRD), strongly pointed out the positive side of the shift from descriptive to objective,he feels like the spoon feeding and by-heart study systems should be totally avoided.The objective type of questions makes the students think to the depthness of the subject and it will definitely improve the standard of the course. He also added that the marks should given to the right answers and not for the steps and it will obviously give way for the students to take interest to think.And he suggested for the internal examination should be conducted so as to test the students ability in knowing the subjects in deep.but there are several controversial suggestions too. K.P.P. Pillai, the former executive secretary of the Indian Society for Technical Education (ISTE) pointed out that by this shift there will be a confusion of the test for the ability of a student in doing the problems related questions.

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