CNN to test drones for Reporting News

CNN will be soon testing the use of drones for reporting news. CNN was recently granted special permissions from the US government to conduct tests under certain conditions set by the FAA.For the first time , FAA has allowed CNN to test camera equipped drones to conduct news gathering and reporting on an experimental project.CNN has partnered with Georgia Tech Research Institute to collect the data. This data will be shared with FAA to formulate rules for drones that are used for such purposes.

Drones provide a great alternative to human reporting specially in areas related to traffic, natural calamities, fire etc. Drones can be sent over those places where human access will be restricted and at the same time dangerous.

FAA has restricted drone usage in USA due to the fear that drones would come in the flight path of aeroplanes. Drones could also fall off the sky and cause injuries if any mechanical failure occurs. Currently there is no license for drone pilots and the rules are loose. Drones that come in the flight path may pose a threat to the aeroplanes so FAA has allotted special uninhabited regions across the US for drone flying and testing.

As the CNN test program data is available to the FAA, it is said to draft new rules and safety regulations, introduce a drone pilot license to ensure no novice flies drones, and cause accidents. Drone reporting is gaining traction as many companies came forward providing the technology and many more broadcasting agencies are interested in this technology.

Using drones are not limited to news reporting and gathering. It provides immense possibilities in surveillance. Many big corporations have expressed interest in drone technology. Amazon has stated it is interested to use drones to deliver over short distances. Google and face book too is exploring possibilities to use drones for information gathering.

Soon, drone technology will not be restricted to military services and will help in improving and securing human lives if used in the right way amidst the privacy concerns it raises.


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