Samsung Galaxy S6 Benchmark Leaked with Specs

A benchmark listing had obviously leaked the very neat specs of Samsung’s upcoming flagship, the Samsung galaxy s6. Samsung galaxy s6 is supposed to be the successor of last year’s Samsung galaxy s5. It’s supposed to come with industry standard specs (for flagships) and a very Samsung prone design language.

Anyway the benchmark results had pointed at a device that is very powerful and bar raising. There was rumor that Samsung was going t go with an all glass and metal design, which is really great if you can count all the time you spent dreaming of a Samsung flagship that actually feels premium.

The Samsung galaxy s6 is going to come with a 5.1 inch display and the now familiar Qhd display we’ve already seen on manufacturer’s like LG’s phones. Samsung’s own galaxy note 4 comes with a similar screen and recreates the same resolution (with a lesser ppi though, Samsung galaxy note 4 comes with a 5.7 inch screen.). It’s no slouch in the camera department though; the new flagship from Samsung comes with a very powerful 20mp camera (that should give Sony some run for their money). The front of the device comes with a 5mp cam. The phone obviously features the now familiar Android lollipop (which is the current standard for all android flagships). It comes with 3 GB of ram onboard and 32 GB of storage on board. Samsung had hardly changed their policy on releasing devices without expandable storage and we should be safe to assume a micro SD slot with the device (unibody or not). The device comes with a very powerful Exynos 7420 octa core chipset which is the most powerful chipset on any android phone in the market today.

The phone is going to come wearing familiar Samsung colors and is obviously going to feature an AMOLED display.

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